Elegant, refined, feminine, unique; these are qualities that define the wonderful Ibisco blush and cherry necklace.

Being very light, they are the perfect touch to make any outfit unique and truly special, adding delicacy and femininity.
All of Veronica Tordi’s creations come from 40 years of artisanal experience. The jewelry is handmade in the family workshop, a proud, 100% Italian creative space.
The petals are made of a very resistant resin. To achieve the finished look, they are then modelled, painted and sewn by hand to create harmonious and natural flower shapes.

A palette of delicate, unique and feminine colors, inspired by the earth, flowers and other natural elements, make each creation a small masterpiece.

The special silk texture makes the petals soft and tempting to touch, creating an even richer and more sensuous tactile experience.
The metal parts are made of brass, covered with a patina of nickel-free gold.

Handmade jewelry from Italy to New York


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