Personal Style VS Fashion Trends: are you ready to find your voice?

Fashion trends come and go, but our own sense of security and confidence in ourselves definitely doesn't get built up overnight. 

Unfortunately, it's so much easier to tore ourselves up in just one moment for any minor inconvenience. Like: for not fitting anymore in our favorite jeans, dress or pants. Or anything else that might prove we actually gained weight, are tired, or don't have time to make a 7 step skin care routine every night. 



But did you ever stop and actually question whether or not that fashion trend was right for you? 

I ask you this because somehow we forget that we don't have to change ourselves any time a new fashion trend comes around. 

Fashion is meat to be F U N

It is a tool that we should use to express how we feel and what we want. 

It took me some time, but after years spent crying in changing rooms and feeling ugly, I want to share with you a few tips and tricks I used when coming up to building my personal style. 

1) NO FIT, NO CRY: if it doesn't fit, it's not coming home with you. Don't purchase anything thinking: oh well I will have to lose 10 lbs and then it'll be perfect. NO!

2) FIVE YEARS RULEAsk yourself the following question 

have I worn this in the past 5 years?
Will I be able to wear it for another 5 years?
This helps separating your personal taste from fast fashion trend
3) HELLO STRANGER: this is absolutely my favorite. It's a bit of a "Play pretend" meets Sex and the City (first season). 
Here you decide who you want to be. What part would you like for the other people to see? Do you think people know you for the real you? 
Do you miss something you used to do (or be) and would like to incorporate again that in your style? 
Here you get to decide. 
Go shopping, window checking, Pin the pinnable, Google by keywords. 
4) FAKE IT UNTIL YOU WEAR IT: once you have figured out what you want to incorporate in you personal style, it's time to experiment and try. 
Purchase a couple accent pieces (accessories and make up are your best friends here) because they can help transition your style into something new but not being financially too heavy on your wallet. 
Now start wearing the new outfit in the comfort of your home: possibly alone, so you can feel free of daring a bit more that you would normally do. 
This will help you get confident in your new skin and experiment with shapes, colors, textures, outfits. 
I have always loved the 60's and decided to start incorporating vintage hair pieces and sunglasses into my personal style. 
I own almost 10 hairbands now and endless silk scarves for my hair, which i decided to embrace instead of fighting (took me a good 10 years for this). 
Let me know if you struggle about finding your own voice and if this article was helpful :)