Veronica Tordi is an Italian brand of fashion jewelry.  Veronica Tordi was born in Italy from a family of artisans.  Her father started a small workshop of jewelry manufacturing 40 years ago, that became later on of the most renowned production factories in Italy.  When she was a child, she used to assist her mother and father creating their masterpieces along with their artisans in the laboratory.  She immediately fall in love with the accessory world: she understood that creativity, technique, innovation, could all be mixed together in one single piece.  Often in a very unexpected way.  When developing a new piece, she saw how much love and care their parents would devote to each single detail. Her father taught her very soon that there is no such masterpiece, without each single detail being perfectly designed, crafted and made it custom fit.  During those endless hours of research, trials, she understood very soon how important are materials, and the difference that it can make to properly master each and every single texture. 

Her first creations were Murano charms – shaped like little dogs, dolls and hearts – when she was 7 years old.  Her father bought the glass, the ovens and all the equipment necessary to craft Murrine by a merchant in Venice.  
She started playing with the Murano glass sticks, their different color combinations and patterns and in a few weeks, she was mastering the art at the point that she was creating jewels for her friends, teachers and family members. 
Creativity runs in the family. During her childhood years, she was heavily influenced by a family member – her older cousin Erika Calesini, an international renowned visual artist – that inspired Veronica to develop her own creative vision.  She taught her how to be bold, colorful, and how to build a striking impression. Growing up, Veronica  learned how to balance her bold, statement pieces by using elegant, hearty colors and unique textures. 

Growing up, Veronica learned how to balance her bold, statement pieces by using elegant, hearty colors and unique textures. She would use gigantic flowers as base for one of her most popular collections but painted with a unique blend of paint and a special powder to make it look like they were dipped in sand and to create an unexpected, stunning finish.


Her jewelry is like staring at a 1,500s renaissance fresco in Italy for the first time. The eye is caught upon the magnificence of the composition, yet – is able to observe how carefully and solid each single line has been drawn. The history behind a single detail – should it be carved in a statue, or painted on the ceiling – makes the story compete. The same tension between magnificent and essential, colorful and plain, bold and soft can be found as a foundation of her aesthetic. Inspiration is a rare being, and can come from every experience.  
A walk in the Italian countryside in August, when the sun burns down the grass and makes it almost yellow – but yet, some flower resists the aggression of the sun and dares to show itself in all its fragile beauty. An unexplored borgo (old Italian village) with its exposed bricks, laid centuries ago – where you can still walk the streets that the Romans have created and walk through history while holding a gelato made by an old lady who has been running the same store for 54 years. The smell of lavender fresh cut from the garden. Childhood memories, sometimes more dreams than reality, convey together a more mature vision to create her unique world.
With love, Veronica Tordi.