Veronica Tordi

Chandelier Retro Zircons Classic Water Drop Earrings with Linen Cream Hand-Sewn Lily Flower


"GIVERNY" collection is a limited edition capsule collection designed and crafted by Veronica Tordi and her skilled artisans. 

Inspired by Monet's house in the village of Giverny (France), it embodies the deepest and most heartfelt admiration for the great painter and its main source of inspiration - the Water Pond in the Giverny Chateau. A delicate pastel-based color palette, zircons, impressions of light and a perfect balance between shapes and space distinguishes this collection from any other ever designed by Veronica Tordi. 

  • Bold, beautiful and light: weight 10 grams (0,35 oz) 
  • Closing with posts 
  • 5 cm length 
  • Comfortable and light
  • Made in Italy 100% by artisans
  • Handcrafted, hand-painted, hand-sewn
  • Gold-plated 24k brass and resin petal


Veronica Tordi creations are entirely manufactured in Italy. Our artisans are following our traditional methods in each and every step. The product is therefore 100% Handmade in Italy. Being an artisanal product, we recommend to treat it with extra care when not wearing it. It is highly recommended to store the product in its own packaging when possible. It is not recommended to wear the product while showering, sunbathing, swimming (sea/lake/ocean water can damage it). This is the best way to keep the colors and the brilliance of the metal parts intact.

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